Hello… I am HiiRagi.

Leader of the HiiRagi Robot Army. 


Growing up I was always unlike other children… I was drawn to dark corners, heavy machinery and wool felt.  Over time, people around me, obviously awed by my sheer genius and mesmerising ranting about the state of the World, started to avoid eye contact.  I was insulted by their stupidity and ignorance.


It seemed to me that society was caught in an increasingly annoying display of limited thinking, atrocious behaviour and downright poor manners.


Which is why I decided to turned my back on the mundane everyday existence of mere mortals and fulfil my glorious destiny of building a robot army the likes of which this world has never seen!


Would you like to join us?  It will be dangerous (of course). Jammed packed with action, adventure and probably a small smattering of violence. 


Just how we like it.



Join the HiiRagi Army! Help create a diabolical new HiiRagi World Order.


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