HiiRagi Army: Occupational Force

HiiRagi Fact:  If you stare at an Occupational Force Robot for too long 9 times out of 10 it will attack you.


Occupational Force, with their hostile and unresponsive nature, are truly the military heart of the HiiRagi Army.  Endless training in combat, transport and weaponry for all terrains extending from hot deserts to frozen ice to humid jungles, Occupational Force thrive on no sleep, trying conditions and a never ending stream of challenges.  Though they show little emotion and no weakness, Occupational Force are loyal, bold and sometimes insolent and naughty but they are the ultimate soldier.  HiiRagi recommends to our enemies that really it is for the best if they just surrender.  However having said this, Occupational Force do enjoy it more when you run…


Occupational Force specialise in (but are not limited to) military tactics, armed warfare,  hand to hand combat, martial arts, guerrilla warfare and repression.  Transport specialities include heavy armed machinery, tanks, helicopters and combat formations.


Their love of weaponry is endless.  The discovery of every new weapon simply means a new skill for the Occupational Force. Occupational Force like to test themselves with more difficult weaponry to see how skillful they truly are, such as using swords against guns (It was never said that they are rational).


Aside from this, some of their favourite things are:


MUSIC: 1812 overture, Wagner, Kraftwerk, Bonobo, ‘Eye of the Tiger’, General Patton & the Executioners, Placebo, Public Enemy, Rage against the Machine, NIN, Robert Johnson, Timber Timbre, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


FILMS/TV: Predator series, Rambo series, Ninja Warrior, Battle Royale, War documentaries, Resident Evil, Terminator, The Last Samurai, Star Wars (Episodes 4-6), Fight Club, 300


HEROES: Gengis Khan, Pirates, Ninjas, Samurai, Steven Seagal, Darth Vader, Bobba Fett, Leonidas I


BOOKS: Code of the Bushido, Great Military Victories of WWII, The Hunger Games series, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Department 19


GUILTY PLEASURES: Rambo headbands, tormenting Berserkers, duelling with pistols or any other weapon they can get their hands on at dawn, games of “hunt him down like the filth dog he is” (the idea of this one is an Occupational Force is given a 30 minute head start and then is hunted down by his peers.  Note: HiiRagi only lets them play this once a week otherwise nothing would get done)


FAVOURITE QUOTES: “Do or do not, there is no try”, “Are you talking to me?”, “Die”, *stony silence with a flat stare*