Who you are + what you do?


HiiRagi.  I am the final word in World Domination.  However it is an expensive calling so to raise funds for my genius plans I hand make plush toy replicas of my diabolical robot army, screen print tees depicting our triumphant exploits and draw propaganda to sway the unswayable.  Resistance is Futile.


Do you have a day job, if so what is it?


Genius mastermind of the downfall of the world to the HiiRagi cause.  Trust me, it’s a full time occupation.


When did your business begin and why?


Obviously my business began to raise the huge capital needed to build a robot army the likes of which this world has never seen.  I was motivated by the rampant stupidity I see in the world every day and quite frankly think that I can do a much better job being a diabolical militant leader of the world than anyone else has managed to do thus far.


Inspiration/design aesthetic?


Military throughout the ages, communist propaganda, steam punk, robotics and Pinky and the Brain.


Designers you admire?


North Korean propagandists’, Doktor A, Jamie Hewlett and the designer of the Death Star.


What is your favourite part of Tasmania?


My HQ.  I don’t like to leave it much.


What do you love about what you do…and any little gripes or niggles?


Building new machinery and outfits for the Army.  The constant evolution and refinement of our cause.  Training camps.  Turning people into minions.  Tormenting the Berserkers.  Our Christmas party.  The list is endless….


What can customers expect when they see you exhibiting?


They will be over awed by the size and genius of my robot army and associated propaganda.  Once they have regained their composure they will feel compelled to help me raise the funds needed to make my dreams of World Domination a reality.  Simple as that.