Issued by the Ministry of Information in co-operation with the War Office and the Ministry of Home Security 


The HiiRagi Army Manifesto

(or the HiiRagi Guide to Better Living)


You know, people often ask me “All Mighty HiiRagi, how do you manage to stay so diabolical and free of the constraints of our utterly stupid, repressive and controlled society?”  For me it is easy, I simply do not care about todays society as I know it’s time is limited.  It is inevitable that I will take over the world and create my own new HiiRagi order.  Until that time however, what you need to realise is that you don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to.  You can have it all if you really want to.  No excuses.  Excuses are for the weak and HiiRagi minions are not weak.


Interested? Then start right now by taking the HiiRagi core values (Courage, Loyalty, Integrity, Truth, Strength and Honour) and applying these to begin your new diabolical life through these principles championed by HiiRagi:


  • Be informed and educate yourself. Stupid people who populate the greater world and think they know everything should be denied existence or at least badly injured.  It takes an intelligent person to realise how little they actually know and seek knowledge and learning out.  Look for the bias in information, remember seeing, belief and perspective is subjective, and always ask ‘why?’.  Luckily, HiiRagi knows practically everything.
  • Be individual(aka yourself).  Be yourself, never try to be someone else.  This can be really hard for some people but remember those fakers who conform will never reach the greatness or be the leaders needed for the HiiRagi Army to succeed.  Plus they always crack under interrogation and we can’t have that.
  • Be Prepared.  Stolen directly from the Scout movement, it basically follows the same principles.  Our society has created weak, dependant shadows parading as fully formed human beings.  Learn how to take care of yourself, survive and thrive when adversity strikes.  Amaze mere mortals with your skills, knowledge and understanding in the wild and urban environment. 
  • Give your time and energy to those who want and/or deserve it. Way too much of our time and energy goes to unworthy succubii. Pick your army well and you will be unstoppable.  Be kind to the defenceless but always watch your back.
  • Take action. Too many people talk, talk, talk about crap and the crap they’re going to do. But not you, you are the one who thinks (but not for too long) and then bravely acts upon it. Then you can talk about it for hours afterwards (including re-enactments) and tell the world how diabolical you are.
  • Evolve, adapt, conquer.  Humans have the amazing ability to change and adapt. The HiiRagi cause is based on this ideal. If you are unhappy with a situation, change it by changing yourself first through evolution, adaption or reasoning (if none work then probably your only option left is physical violence, this is a war after all).  In the big scheme of things we are really only in control of ourselves and what actions we take.  Unless you are HiiRagi of course, then you also control an awesome Robot Army and a horde of unpredictable human minions.

Beloved Minions!!!  Join me!  Amass your own HiiRagi army, spread the word and together we shall be unstoppable!!!!