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The world at large sees a harmless pest.  I see a shrewd and formidable comrade in arms.  And I want them on our side.

So how have we infiltrated this secretive, dangerous and potentially explosive world?

Enter the HiiRagi Army Bunny Brigade.

Craftily disguised in his bunny outfit, only Recon Unit could gain access without detection.  Once in, our Field Officers work tirelessly supplying us with highly detailed reports and plans of the bunnies operations and movements, processed and passed on by our Administration & Communications team.  All the while our Tunnellers laboriously dig us a network of tunnels rivalled by only the bunnies themselves.

Show your support by wearing our Bunny Brigade Tee!


All HiiRagi Tees are:

  • *100% quality cotton (150 GSM) – which means not only is it super comfy and durable, it’s lightweight and soft too.
  • *Preshrunken – so it stays the same size after you wash it, as clothing should to be honest.
  • *Reinforced seams – because clothing should be able to last the distance, or at least a commando roll.
  • *Sweatshop free and WRAP compliant – no one deserves to suffer in a sweat shop or be treated inhumanely just to make you clothes or any other item, in fact.
  • *Handscreened – each and every tee is hand pulled (?!) making it completely unique to you.
  • *Available in a large range of sizes, from Small through to XX Large.  We love it that HiiRagi minions come in all shapes and sizes.