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What better message to send out into the world?  Much better than ‘yep, please, just walk all over me’ or ‘I enjoy being made to feel like a loser, thank you’ (manners are important regardless).  HiiRagi minions don’t let that kind of crap get to them, HiiRagi minions are confident, relaxed and ready to take on anything that this stupid world throws at them because ‘Resistance is Futile’.  We kick arse, to be completely honest.  It’s kind of like a warning to the world of what is to come, which (due to their stupid ignorance) they will ignore, but at least we can take the victorious high moral ground and say ‘we DID try to warn you….’


Also, because it features all of the Army, this is the tee for you if you can’t make up your mind which unit you love the best.  It’s a dilemma, I know.


All HiiRagi Womens Tees are:

  • *100% quality cotton (150 GSM) – which means not only is it super comfy and durable, it’s lightweight and soft too.
  • *Preshrunken – so it stays the same size after you wash it, as clothing should to be honest.
  • *Reinforced seams – because clothing should be able to last the distance, or at least a commando roll.
  • *Sweatshop free and WRAP compliant – no one deserves to suffer in a sweat shop or be treated inhumanely just to make you clothes or any other item, in fact.
  • *Handscreened – each and every tee is hand pulled (?!) making it completely unique to you.
  • *Available in a large range of sizes, from X Small through to XX Large.  We love it that HiiRagi minions come in all shapes and sizes.