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Imagine this. 


You’re staggering through the desert, you’ve used up the last of the water, eaten enough scorpions for protein to last a lifetime and contemplated drinking your own urine.  You can barely take another step when you see it.  It’s not a mirage, it’s not a cardboard cut-out, it’s a group of rescuers looking for you.  They gather around exclaiming how you should not be alive but you know.  You’re alive because you are a HiiRagi minion and you know your stuff. 


Now, what are you wearing?  Your HiiRagi ‘Sunday Outing’ Tee because HiiRagi tees survive the distance with you, especially when they’re in a tank.


All HiiRagi Tees are:

  • *100% quality cotton (150 GSM) – which means not only is it super comfy and durable, it’s lightweight and soft too.
  • *Preshrunken – so it stays the same size after you wash it, as clothing should to be honest.
  • *Reinforced seams – because clothing should be able to last the distance, or at least a commando roll.
  • *Sweatshop free and WRAP compliant – no one deserves to suffer in a sweat shop or be treated inhumanely just to make you clothes or any other item, in fact.
  • *Handscreened – each and every tee is hand pulled (?!) making it completely unique to you.
  • *Available in a large range of sizes, from Small through to XX Large.  We love it that HiiRagi minions come in all shapes and sizes.