Weight: 500g
How many ?

Please don’t be fooled by their simple outward appearance.  For behind that sweet sweet face is a diabolical militant mind trained in all facets of espionage, communications and assassination.  All Recon Units know how to ask the ‘hard questions’ and how to get answers.


A seasoned campaigner for the HiiRagi Army, Recon Units are (generally) the first phase of infiltration in our operations.  Their missions are the stuff of legends involving action, suspense, intrigue and (sometimes) just a little bit of romance.  Acting as the eyes and ears of the HiiRagi Army, Recon Unit plays a vital role in connecting HiiRagi to the world at large and keeping the Army well informed.


Recon Units Speciality Skills include (but are definitely not limited to) Disguise, Languages and Dialect, Interrogation, Encryption, Sabotage, Demolitions and Explosives, Assassination, Spying, Logistics and Skulking.


HiiRagi Fact: Despite their agile and nimble fingers, Recon Unit are unable to touch their hands together.


All HiiRagi Toy are:

*Handmade by HiiRagi – the toys are completely stitched together by hand by the one and only HiiRagi in between training and campaigning with the Army, making each and every one unique.

*Toys are made from 100% pure new wool felt and recycled stuffing.

*Each toy is individually numbered.  This is recorded on their ID card, as part of their military kit and sewn onto the back of each robot toy.


**Note: Depending upon supply, it may take up to a week to be shipped but we will let you know upon ordering. Because each toy is handmade it may slightly differ from the image but that's what makes each one so special.


Height: 26cms

Width: 11cms