Weight: 500g
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Despite the immortal words sung by Guns ‘n’ Roses ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, the jungle is anything but welcoming.  In fact, it’s a heaving, sweaty, humid mass of insects, plants and animals just waiting to either poison you, trap you or eat you, jam packed full of dangers and inconveniences.


And my Recon Unit: Jungle expert shows the scars of his time spent there.  Lift his eye patch and it will reveal just how cutthroat the jungle can be. 


Given time you may earn his trust, and perhaps, just perhaps, he’ll confide in you the story behind his patch (whatever you do don’t ask him up front about it, trust me). In the meantime, while he regales you with tales of the jungle that may or may not be true, you can put your confidence in him to help you survive and get out of the jungle using his large dagger, jungle twine and unsurpassed map reading skills.


**Note: Depending upon supply, it may take up to a week to be shipped but we will let you know upon ordering. Because each toy is handmade it may slightly differ from the image but that's what makes each one so special.


Height: 26cm


All HiiRagi Toys are:

*Handmade by HiiRagi – the toys are completely stitched together by hand by the one and only HiiRagi in between training and campaigning with the Army, making each and every one unique.
*Toys are made from 100% pure new wool felt and recycled stuffing.
*Each toy is individually numbered.  This is recorded on their ID card, as part of their military kit and sewn onto the back of each robot toy.